In line with the group’s revised approach to sustainable development and, taking into consideration new commitments made by the group, a number of Policy Statements have been reviewed and revised during the year and new policies have been drawn up. A full suite of policies is available in pdf format on the company’s website at www.implats.co.za.

For the first time the group has adopted an overall Sustainable Development Policy Statement which has drawn on international good practice (including the principles of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM)) and in compliance with legislation. Given the significance of this undertaking in FY2009, this is reproduced in full below.

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Sustainable Development Policy Statement

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) is a producer of platinum and associated metals for world markets. We are committed to running our exploration, mining, processing and refining operations in a responsible and sustainable manner so that:

  • Our business and investments are economically sound and financially profitable
  • Our business practices are technically appropriate and socially responsible
  • Our business processes are inherently safe and environmentally sound

To achieve world-class sustainable development in our sphere of influence we are committed to:

  • Incorporating our sustainable development principles and implementing our strategy in all our business practices and investment decisions.
  • Implementing and maintaining integrated risk management strategies and control mechanisms that take cognisance of sustainable development risks and mitigating procedures.
  • Implementing and maintaining ethical business practices and sound corporate governance processes.
  • Implementing and maintaining effective stakeholder engagement
  • Developing and maintaining effective relations with our employees and
    employee representatives.
  • Engaging with our stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner through
    formal and informal engagement structures
  • Safeguarding the health and safety of all our stakeholders, and
    striving for zero harm.
  • Instituting policies and business practices that entrench and
    uphold fundamental human rights.
  • Implementing and maintaining meaningful and sustainable
    local community development programmes that address the
    needs of communities.
  • Seeking continual improvement in environmental performance,
    specifically in optimising energy and water utilisation, conserving
    biodiversity and minimising any negative impacts from our
    operations on the environment.
  • Facilitating and encouraging responsible product use, reuse
    and recycling.
  • Implementing social transformation policies and practices
    in line with relevant legislation and in the interests of
    creating a diverse and balanced workforce.
  • Accurately measure, record, independently verify and
    report on all material sustainable development issues on
    a regular and transparent basis.

Chief Executive Officer
November 2008

Other policy statements that have been amended/developed during the year are the Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement; the Environmental Policy Statement and the Human Rights Policy Statement. These are available below.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement (PDF - 56KB)

Environmental Policy Statement
(PDF - 217KB)

Human Rights Policy Statement
(PDF - 62KB)

Implats Sustainable Development Report 2009