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Corporate governance

Internal controls

The Implats board has overall responsibility to ensure that the internal control frameworks are adequately designed and effectively implemented throughout the Group. Effective internal controls are put in place to provide assurance that the Company's governance and risk managements are appropriately managed and that key business objectives are achieved. The board delegates the establishment and implementation of systems of internal control to members of executive management through a formal approval framework that is effected throughout Implats, revised, at least, on an annual basis.

Implats' internal controls are designed to mitigate strategic, operational and process risks to ensure that set strategic objectives are effectively and efficiently met. Accordingly, Implats management is responsible for the establishment, implementation, monitoring and enhancement of the internal control frameworks. The set key controls include, but are not limited to, financial and operational controls put in place to mitigate against the key risks as identified through processes facilitated by risk management. This is to ensure that Implats' assets are safeguarded and working capital is effectively managed and that set organisational policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are established, maintained and enhanced at appropriate times.


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