About Implats

Corporate governance

Relations with shareholders

Investors, fund managers, analysts, the media and the market are kept fully, timeously and openly informed of material developments. Implats communicates regularly with shareholders and other stakeholders on tis financial and operational performance. Communication with interested institutional and private investors considers statutory and regulatory requirements on disseminating price-sensitive information by the Company and its officers.

It is Company policy to pay dividends twice a year, at the end of the interim financial period (when approximately one-third of the dividend is paid) and at the end of the financial year (when the remaining two-thirds is paid). While dividends are not guaranteed, they have been paid consistently. The dividend policy remains unchanged.


Where we operate


The shareholder communication function of the Company Secretary and the share registrar are supported by an investor relations programme that operates in South Africa, Europe, the United States and Canada.  The programme is aimed at maintaining contact with institutional shareholders, fund managers and analysts in these countries as well as the media, and undertaking formal financial disclosure through interim and annual results announcements, the annual report and quarterly reports, roadshows, teleconference calls, press releases, ad hoc investor meetings, participation in investment conferences and the website.  Roadshows and teleconference calls also give investors the opportunity to communicate with management and make recommendations to the Board. Management is open to meetings requested by shareholders and contact details are available on this website.

Results announcements, both interim and annual, take the form of live presentations, with simultaneous webcasts.  All presentations and webcasts are available on this website.  In addition, copies of all presentations made by executive management to the investment community are posted on the website.