Impala Sports Academy

As part of its commitment to the holistic development of the community in which it operates, Impala Platinum launched the Impala Sports Academy in 2006. From small beginnings – supporting ad hoc sporting clubs in which its employees are involved and its two-year sponsorship of the local provincial rugby team – the Academy has become a centre of sporting excellence in the North West Province and beyond.

Impala has chosen sport as a vital channel for education, transformation, and individual development.



The Impala Cricket Club started off with no full time coaches, no community development and with only about 30 members.



The Impala United Football Club was formed in July 2008 and is run by the Impala Sports Training Academy.



The new season kicked off in January 2009 and the rugby club has nine players who joined the Skills Development programme.



The Impala Netball club was started in August 2007 with a mere 25 members but has grown in leaps and bounds with membership currently standing at 70.

  Impala Platinum Cycling Club
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Learnership scheme

In addition, the company has – in collaboration with its training department – developed a learnership scheme in basic mining and engineering related disciplines – for promising and talented young sportsmen. The learnership scheme, which started in January 2009 provides full time skills training, while at the same time providing the talented young sportsmen with professional sporting training. This scheme ensures that sportsmen and women who may or may not become professionals for a limited period of time, have a career to fall back on once their sporting careers come to end, and provides Impala with a source of trained talent.

Sports development

The development of historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs) is an important feature of the programme, with a grass roots outreach programme a fundamental part of the initiative. Scores of young South Africans in the region are being exposed to a variety of sporting disciplines, and the discipline, team spirit and the other positive characteristics associated with sport. This outreach initiative extends into local schools too, where training is providing in coaching and refereeing/umpiring, so that they too become ambassadors of sport.