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Material safety data sheets

Platinum (PDF - 62KB) Download
Palladium (PDF - 57KB) Download
Rhodium (PDF - 57KB) Download
Ruthenium (PDF - 62KB) Download
Iridium (PDF - 60KB) Download
Ammonium sulphate (PDF - 110KB) Download
Cobalt powder (PDF - 127KB) Download
Copper Cathode  (PDF - 146KB) Download
Nickel briquettes (PDF - 160KB) Download
Nickel powder (PDF - 131KB) Download


Emission standards


Metal usage

Catalytic Converters have been instrumental in reducing emissions of harmful gases from vehicles since their inception in response to the US Clean Air Act of 1970.
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  Many of the unique characteristics of PGMs make them indispensable to modern technology and industry, their markets are many and varied, from the automotive industry to the medical field.
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