Mining engineering

Mining engineering

Mining engineering as a career combines several areas of expertise. In addition to specialist mining knowledge and engineering expertise, a mining engineer needs strong management skills, people skills and a sound understanding of financial and business principles. The mining engineer will progress to the level of mine manager where he will apply and implement his knowledge.

The main responsibility of a mine manager is to extract minerals from an orebody, safely and economically in line with predetermined business targets

In addition to these responsibilities, a mining engineer may become involved in several activities. These are:

  • working with geologists to locate and evaluate new ore deposits
  • researching and developing new mining processes, technology and methods
  • conducting feasibility studies on greenfield brownfield projects
  • conducting research into the health and safety of mine workers

During the course of their careers, mining engineers may decide to specialise in the fields rock engineering, mining economics, geology project design.

What you should study

You can study towards a BSc/B Eng in mining engineering at a university. You will need to undergo a medical fitness test and a psychometric assessment.


Only the universities of Pretoria and Witwatersrand offer a BSc/B Eng in mining engineering. This is a four-year, full-time course.

Graduate career

Mining engineering graduates join the mine junior mining engineers to begin a period inservice training as either a miner, shift boss or overseer, and will be exposed to stoping, developing, surveying, sampling, ventilation, engineering, geology, surveying, human resources and finance.

We are looking for

A basic interest in business, finance, production an ability in mathematics and science are essential for success as a mining engineer. The following attributes are also important:


Fact sheet

  A Career at Implats
February 2011  (PDF - 342KB)  


Human resources

North-West operations

Glynis Scott, HR Manager: Recruitment

Gauteng Operations (Refineries/Head Office)

Nicolette Jansen van Rensburg, Senior Human Resources Officer

Marula (Limpopo Province)

Paula Shihlomule, Senior Human Resources Officer

Zimplats (Zimbabwe)

Joshua Ndoziya, Senior Human Resources Officer


Kefiloe Seome

  • the ability to work under pressure
  • people-management skills
  • problem-solving abilities
  • sound common sense
  • decision-making ability
  • tenacity