About Implats

Our investment case




Key deliverables

1  Investment through the cycle    

  • Zero harm
  • Invest R22 billion over the next five years (excluding 17 Shaft)
  • Restore and maintain Impala at between 815 – 830 koz Pt per annum
    • Build-up confirmed to deliver on new 16 and 20 Shaft complexes as planned
    • Retain 17 Shaft optionality (R500m over the next two years)
  • Restore Zimplats as planned to 260 koz by 2016
    • Opencast and redevelop Bimha
  • Maintain Mimosa production at 2.56 million tonnes per annum
  • Marula planned at circa 90 koz Pt per annum
  • Build on successful IRS model
  • Reduce capital spend to R4.2bn in 2016
  • Afplats capital planned from FY2020
  • Opex cut in 2016 and contain increases by 2% below inflation thereafter
  • Maintain and position Group balance sheet
  • Extend Two Rivers life of mine
2  Improve efficiencies through operational excellence and     safe production  
3  Cash conservation  
4  Maintain our social licence to operate  
5  Optionality and future positioning


These key deliverables enable sustainable, optimum levels of production for the Group thereby positioning the Group:
  • in the lower cost quartile
  • favourably to benefit from stronger PGM prices

Producing in a safe, socially responsible manner