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Our strategy


Our strategic journey … becoming the BEST


Where we operate


Our ability to deliver on these four strategic objectives is impacted on an ongoing basis by the risk environment in which we find ourselves as a business.

Behaviour supported by:
Safety strategy
  • Cultural values
  • Work environment
  • Leadership and supervision
  Health strategy
  • Employee wellness
  • Prevention and education
  • Treatment and support
  People strategy
  • Effective employee management model
  • Promoting diversity
  • Attracting, retaining and developing talent
  • Effective people
Operational excellence supported by:
  • Effective planning and mineral resource management
  • Intensive cost and productivity focus
  • Operational delivery and performance management
  • Innovation and new technology
Social licence to operate supported by:
  • Meaningful and sustainable social investment in our communities
  • Respecting human rights and the interests of all stakeholders
  • Abiding by the laws of the countries in which we operate
  • Effective and transparent governance and reporting
Sustainability supported by:
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Continuous improvement in air resource stewardship
  • Optimisation of energy efficiencies and reduction of carbon footprint
  • Preservation of natural water resources and water quality
  • Development of alternative energy sources linked to our metals