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  Mineral resource and mineral reserve statement 2015

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The allocation of Implats’ mineral reserves per shaft infrastructure is depicted in the following graphic illustration:

Main features of latest statement

The main features relating to Implats’ mineral resources as at 30 June 2015 relative to 30 June 2014 are:

  • Estimated total attributable mineral resources decreased by 7% (28Moz 4E) to 367Moz; the total attributable platinum ounces decreased by 8% (16Moz Pt) to 196Moz
  • The year-on-year comparative decrease can mainly be ascribed to the transfer of the Tamboti mineral rights to Two Rivers. This resulted in a gain in the Two Rivers attributable mineral resources
  • Effectively the 100% ownership of Tamboti converted to 49% attributable at the Two Rivers level
  • The attributable platinum mineral resources remain dominated by Zimplats and Impala; the Zimplats mineral resources make up the bulk of these (48%)
  • Total attributable mineral reserves decreased by 8% (4Moz 4E) to 46Moz; the attributable platinum ounces decreased by 7% (2Moz) to 26Moz
  • The main contributor to the decrease in mineral reserves is Zimplats due to the exclusion of Portal 5 (1.7 million ounces platinum) and the impact of the revised pillar design
  • There are gains in mineral reserves at Two Rivers, Mimosa and Marula due to the inclusion of additional areas
  • Some 73% of the total attributable mineral reserves are located at Impala