Annual Report 2007
Abridged corporate responsibility report

Abridged Coporate responsibility report

Stakeholder engagement

Strategically-informed and structured stakeholder engagement has rapidly become an international requirement for business and government. While Implats engages extensively with its stakeholders on an ongoing basis, it is still relatively new to the detailed analysis of these engagements. Implats will, in FY2008, embark on a more formal and rigorous process of stakeholder identification and engagement and will, be in a better position to report on this in future. The table below highlights the company’s engagements with key stakeholder groupings during FY2007:

Stakeholder engagement
StakeholdersMethods of engagementOutputs
Investors and shareholdersAnnual report; quarterly and monthly updates; website; fact sheets; annual roadshows; presentations/one-on-one conferencesImplats maintains good relationships with its shareholders through the regular, structured provision of information.
EmployeesCorporate social economic development (SED) committee; Health, safety and environment steering committees; CEO roll-out programme; One team, one vision with pride programme; and in-house magazines, brochures, reports, presentations/roadshows and newslettersEmployees are a key focus for Implats. This is part of the overall programme to build and maintain awareness and a better relationship between management and employees.
Trade unionsSED programmes; wage negotiations; and operational forumsManagment and unions work together closely, which means that unions are part of the transformation process under way in the company. Unions also participate actively in the various operational forums within the company.
CustomersRepresentative office (Tokyo); long-term contracts; personal visits, quality control; inbound and outbound delegates; personal long-term relationships; and regular meetingsThese important relationships are reinforced through regular personal meetings.
SuppliersSuppliers’ forums; equipment forums; presentations and workshops; and mentorships and business training for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and co-operativesRelevant government line departments are supporting Implats’ empowerment programme of local (especially broad-based black economic empowerment) SMMEs and co-operatives.
ProducersSteelpoort Valley Producers Forums, Rustenburg Producers Forums; submissions for the Chamber of Mines Annual Report; and discussion on national issues relating to legislative and policy interactionsImplats’ work here is characterised by co-operation and active attendance at relevant forums.
BEE partnersBoard meetings; Marula Community Trust; Transformation Committee; and company sub- and steering committees; Tubatse; RBN; Mmakau.This is part of Implats’ transformation process, which includes ensuring that BEE partners become active participants in the company.
Communities, NGOs, CBOsNorth West Air Pollution Control Forum; community liaison forums; Marula Community Trust; Marula Working Committee; public open days on mines; Impala Bafokeng Trust; environmental hotline; community liaison offices; publications: Envirotalk, etc; Relevant mine-based committees, eg, water, waste, etc; SHE reports, website; and Chamber of Mines Environmental ForumOverall, community relations are good. Where there are issues of concern, they are seriously addressed. Implats moved towards conventional auditing of all SED projects and the impact they have on communities.
GovernmentClose liaison with and reporting to relevant affected government departments, district municipalities and local municipalitiesRelationships with government departments are generally very good. This applies across the three spheres of government, with particular relevance for the developmental activities of local government and respect and support for the democratic process at this level.
Traditional leadersMaKgosi (Limpopo and North West provinces)Implats has a solid working relationship with traditional authorities. Attention will be paid to building structured and more frequent interactions at high level, to match the work being done at operational level.
MediaElectronic; print; radio; televisionImplats has a dedicated team that focuses on media stakeholders. These activities are being strengthened, to convey the constructive work in which the company is engaged. Media stakeholders will be receiving increased and focused attention in the year ahead.
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Corporate responsibility report

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited — Annual Report 2007