Implats’ Sustainable Development Report 2009 has been compiled for the Implats group and its operating subsidiaries and covers the period from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009. This report, formerly known as the Corporate Responsibility Report, is produced annually with the aim of communicating with Implats’ various stakeholders on the company’s economic, social and environmental performance.

Letter from the CEO, David Brown

Letter from the CEO, David Brown

This report reviews our group sustainable development programme over the past year, and reflects on the strategy and structures that we have put in place.

  • Global financial crisis had impact on financial markets and market for PGMs
  • Implats continued to deliver value to shareholders
  • Zimbabwean operations performing well, despite tough economic climate.
  • Continued progress with affirmative procurement – R1 billion spent with HDSA/BEE vendors during FY2009.

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Understanding Implats’ sustainable development footprint

Understanding Implats’ sustainable development footprint

As one of the world’s leading PGM-mining and processing companies, Implats has the potential to have a significant impact and influence on global PGM markets, yet its social and environmental footprints are highly regionalised.

How Implats manages sustainable development

How Implats manages sustainable development

FY2009 was a significant year for Implats as the group’s internal management structures were reviewed and redefined and new structures put in place. This was largely as a result of a comprehensive review undertaken during the prior year, in conjunction with external management consultants.

Engaging with stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders

Implats has identified a broad range of stakeholders who have a material interest in the business. An important development during the year was the formation of a stakeholder engagement unit specifically to undertake stakeholder engagement in a formal and constructive manner with local communities.


Sustainable Development Report 2009 (PDF - 3MB)

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A number of Policy Statements have been reviewed and revised:


Responsible person

The person responsible for the compilation of this report and to whom all queries should be addressed is:

Cindy Mogotsi
Sustainable Development Manager
Group Reporting
Tel: +27 11 731 9074

Implats Sustainable Development Report 2009