Conservation of important bird species at Impala Rustenburg


Impala Rustenburg conducts summer and winter avifaunal (bird) surveys. The most recent summer survey recorded 117 species across the mining footprint of the Rustenburg Lease Area. The Rockwall dam, as well as the pool on top of the tailings storage facility (TSF), were highlighted as important habitats, not only for common aquatic species, but also species of regional conservation importance.

Impala Rustenburg continues to play an important role in the conservation of various species of wildlife. The Greater and Lesser flamingos (near threatened), the Yellow-billed stork (endangered), as well as the Caspian tern (vulnerable) have all successfully established a habitat on the mine lease area. The TSF pool is an important overwintering location for a large proportion of the Lesser flamingo population.

During the winter survey a total of 916 birds were recorded at this location, representing approximately 1.5 to 2% of the estimated numbers present in South Africa during the last (2012) IUCN Red List assessment.