Covid -19 response accelerates digital transformation in the workplace


In adapting to the Covid-19 era, we escalated our use of mobile technology to enable direct communication with employees and to support a sense of connection and team cohesion. We have also adopted new technologies to make HR processes safer and more efficient.

Our internal communication capability across the Group is enhanced by using our internal digital channels as well as Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS. At our South African operations, we have extensively shared video messaging and materials through our sophisticated mobile platform called Let’s Talk.

The Let’s Talk platform enabled the automated issuing of essential service certificates to relevant employees when these were necessary due to Covid-19-related lockdown restrictions, leave application forms, payslips, and where applicable, letters validating an employee’s financial challenges for the attention of financial service providers. The platform allows for the electronic completion and submission of compulsory daily Covid-19-related questionnaires reducing the need for close human interactions.

Our Zimbabwe operation has developed an SMS platform that reaches almost all its permanent staff and the majority of active contractors, for communicating health and safety messages to employees and their families.

Our digital practices have enhanced efficiencies and effectiveness at all operations.