Covid-19 support to communities – healthcare intervention highlights


To address a deficit in host community medical response measures to Covid-19, in FY2021 Impala donated critical medical equipment worth R1.37 million to Rustenburg communities. This included ventilators to the North West Department of Health, and more than 1 500 rapid Covid-19 antigen tests. We also provided first-aid training and equipment to 33 schools and supplied 5 200 vitamin C immune-boosting tablets to the local schools.

Covid-19 awareness roadshows were undertaken at different taxi ranks around Rustenburg and masks, sanitisers, and awareness posters were issued. Impala Rustenburg’s vaccination sites are assisting the community vaccination drive and we have also seconded nurses and doctors to three regional hospital vaccine sites to assist with vaccinating local community members.

Zimplats received the responsible business award at a ceremony hosted by the government in collaboration with Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZ), in recognition of its initiatives in communities and community institutions to assist in managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond awareness campaigns, Zimplats has donated PPE and medical equipment – including oxygen concentrators and ventilators – to various community medical institutions. Zimplats also donated PPE materials to various schools and government departments in the fight against Covid-19. The operation is supporting the government in Zimbabwe to rollout vaccines to communities.

Impala Canada purchased and donated 30 000 locally sourced face masks to Indigenous communities, charitable organisations and local schools. The operation has invested more than C$130 000 in Covid-relief efforts through financial and PPE donations.