Assuring our ethical production processes


Implats is committed to being a reputable and responsible PGM producer through ethical production processes. During FY2020 we started implementing a Group platinum and palladium sourcing policy across our operations. We engaged PwC to assist with assessing our current practices and policies against the 2019 requirements of the London Platinum and Palladium Markets’ (LPPM) Responsible Platinum and Palladium Guidance, and where necessary made improvements. Compliance with the guidance is a business imperative and will endorse the LPPM’s regard for Implats as a good delivery refiner.

We have put systems in place to ensure that we conduct appropriate due-diligence audits on the companies from which we source some of our platinum and palladium. We have established criteria for identifying high risk suppliers – for instance in terms of money laundering, child labour, funding of conflict, or political exposure – and how to address risks and instances of non-compliance with our expectations. We are communicating our responsible sourcing policy to our employees and third-party suppliers and have started the due diligence audits. An independent assurance review of our sourcing processes and practices was conducted to obtain compliance certification, and takes place annually to maintain certification.