Bringing education to the doorstep of employees' homes


Impala Bafokeng (formerly Royal Bafokeng Platinum) created an enabling environment for its employees to purchase decent and attractive houses at Waterkloof Hills Estate, a prime portion of land in Rustenburg. The Company complemented the residential development by building two state-of-the-art schools on the estate, which together can accommodate 1 000 learners.

Waterkloof Hills Estate provides Impala Bafokeng employees with the opportunity to own a home in a safe environment, with the likelihood to provide capital growth as its value appreciates over time. The first phase provided 422 houses of 80m2 to core skills employees and phase 2 provided 1 153 houses of both 140m2 and 80m2. By 2020, there were 1 404 families living on the estate, which has reliable electricity, running water, adequate sanitation and is safe and secure.

In 2019, Impala Bafokeng commenced engagements with the North West Department of Education to build a primary and a secondary school on a portion of Waterkloof Hills Estate land and agreed on the financial obligations, contractual matters and key governance principles.

Civil works started in the latter part of 2020 and construction was completed in 2021. The project team, including representatives from the North West Department of Education and Impala Bafokeng worked closely to ensure the successful completion of the full schools project. Both the primary and secondary schools opened for classes in 2022.

The primary and secondary schools have 36 and 31 classrooms, respectively, and each school has offices for teachers and administrative staff, a library, laboratory, sports fields and a school hall that can be used by the schools and the community. The schools enrolled 746 learners when they opened for the first time in January 2022, which increased to 1 425 learners in January 2023.

Impala Bafokeng is proud to have successfully completed the project, which is an important milestone in the continued development of Waterkloof Hills Estate. It contributes to the quality of life of the residents and provides a much-needed education facility for the estate’s children, close to their homes.