Energy efficiency initiatives at Impala Rustenburg


Our Impala Rustenburg operation accounts for approximately 60% of the Group’s energy usage. The site established a partnership with an energy services company in 2019 to identify and pursue energy-saving initiatives. The savings realised are quantified and independently verified by a third party on a quarterly basis. The initiative has primarily targeted refrigeration, ventilation, compressed air and hot water supply systems on the mine.

In FY2021, independently verified results showed these projects had yielded an energy saving of 39 316 671kWh, reduced CO2 emissions by 36 958 tonnes and resulted in cost savings of R34 million.

Solar power at Impala’s Siesta centre

Impala Rustenburg has installed a solar system that will supply 100% of the Siesta centre’s daytime electricity needs for offices and conferencing facilities. The system, comprising 470 solar panels, was installed on existing carport structures. The installing service provider is 96% black owned, 33% black women-owned supplier. The expected annual production of electricity from the installed photovoltaic (PV) system is 483.3MWh. The total cost of the project is R7.2 million, with projected electricity cost savings of about R637 000 in the first year. The full cost of the project is expected to be covered after eight years.