Portable skills training in crop farming


In 2022, Impala Bafokeng (formerly Royal Bafokeng Platinum), sponsored 10 local community members to attend an accredited skills training programme at Thojane Farm in Phokeng, to produce vegetables. The group graduated from the crop farming training in 2023, with each student awarded an Accreditation Certificate with 80 credits for completing the programme.

Thojane Farm has provided portable skills training to our communities since 2021. The training includes 60-days of hands-on crop farming practice at Thojane Farm, under the mentorship of Dr Kgoroeadira, fondly known as Mama Kena.

To date, half of the group of crop farmers from the programme are actively farming backyard vegetable gardens, and the remainder are crop farming in tunnels at The Hub, with a focus on spinach, cabbage, beetroot, onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

This portable skills programme forms part of our commitment to the Mining Charter, to ensure sustainable communities beyond mining. The programme aims to improve livelihoods for local communities and to lessen dependency on mining activities. Students from the community were identified through Impala Bafokeng’s community engagement and development department and facilitated by the Makgotla within the host communities.