Corporate Responsibility Report 2007

Corporate Responsibility Report 2007

Social performance

Product responsibility

Systematic efforts are made to address all health and safety issues throughout all the stages of the lives of Implats’ products. These include interventions to protect the health and safety of those involved in using or delivering these products. Procedures for assessing and improving product health and safety are in place during conceptual development; research and development; product certification; manufacturing and production; marketing and promotion; storage distribution and supply; use and service; and disposal, use or re-cycling.

The majority of the materials and products dispatched from the group’s operations do not pose any health or safety risk. The single most important exception is sulphuric acid, which is transported by road from Mineral Processes in Rustenburg to the Refineries in Springs. Protocols governing the transportation of hazardous materials are adhered to, including comprehensive labelling with information relating to the content of the containers, safe use of the product and its safety disposal (from a community and environmental perspective). In addition, a full description of the relevant protocols is published on the Implats website.

There were 18 incidents of non-compliance with regulations concerning product and/or service information and labelling that occurred during FY2007, all of which were resolved. However, during the period under review 16 section 54 orders concerning non-compliance with regulations regarding product health and safety were issued by the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) to Impala Rustenburg. All of these issues were resolved to the satisfaction of the DME.

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited – Corporate Responsibility Report 2007