Mining Charter compliance index

Implats has programmes and policies in place to ensure that the company is aligned with the requirements of the MPRDA and the Mining Charter. Implats was granted new order mining rights for the Impala and Marula operations and the Leeuwkop project in August 2008. Accordingly, Implats will report its progress in respect of the Mining Charter and, specifically, against the targets set in its SLPs to the DME on an annual basis. Aspects covered in the Mining Charter are integral to the group’s sustainable development policies and practices and are also reported on at a high level in this report. The table below is provided for convenience, although it should be noted that the coverage of the Mining Charter in this report is illustrative rather than comprehensive.

Item noDescriptionPage no
1 Human resource development
Has the company offered every employee the opportunity to be functionally literate and numerate by the year 2005 and are employees being trained?
Has the company implemented career paths for HDSA employees, including skills development plans?
Has the company developed a system through which empowerment groups can be mentored?
Human capital
2 Employment equity
Has the company published its employment equity plan and reported on its annual progress in meeting that plan?
Has the company established a plan to achieve a target for HDSA participation in management of 40% within five years and is it implementing the plan?
Has the company identified a talent pool and is this being fast tracked?
Has the company established a plan to achieve the target for the participation of women in mining of 10% within five years and is it implementing the plan?
Human capital
3 Migrant labour
Has the company subscribed to government and industry agreements to ensure non-discrimination against foreign migrant labour?
Human capital
4 Mine community and rural development
Has the company co-operated in the formulation of integrated development plans and is the company co-operating with government in the implementation of these plans in communities where mining takes place and for major labour-sending areas?
Has there been effort on the side of the company to engage the local mine community and communities in major labour-sending areas?
Socio-economic development
5 Housing and living conditions
For company provided housing, has the mine, in consultation with stakeholders, established measures for improving the standard of housing, including upgrading the hostels, conversion of hostels to family units and promoted ownership options for mine employees?
Companies will be required to indicate what they have done to improve housing, show a plan to progress the issue over time and whether such a plan is being implemented?
For company-provided nutrition, has the mine established measures to improve the nutrition of mine employees?
Socio-economic development
6 Procurement
Has the mining company been given HDSA preferred supplier status?
Has the mining company identified current levels of procurement from HDSA companies in terms of capital goods, consumables and service?
Has the mining company indicated a commitment to progress procurement from HDSA companies over a three-year to five-year time frame in terms of capital goods, consumables and service and to what extent has the commitment been implemented?
Economic performance
7 Ownership and joint ventures
Has the mining company achieved HDSA participation in terms of ownership for equity or attributable units of production of 15% HDSA hands within five years and 26% in 10 years?
Economic performance
8 Beneficiation
Has the mining company identified its current level of beneficiation?
Has the mining company established its baseline level of beneficiation and indicated the extent that this will have grown in order to qualify for an offset?
Product responsibility
9 Reporting This report
Has the company reported on an annual basis its progress towards achieving its commitments in its annual report?
This report
Implats Sustainable Development Report 2009