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Implats’ Sustainable Development Report 2009 has been compiled for the Implats group and its operating subsidiaries and covers the period from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009. This report, formerly known as the Corporate Responsibility Report, is produced annually to communicate with Implats’ various stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, communities, local, provincial and national government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), among others, on the company’s economic, social and environmental performance. The previous report was produced for FY2008 and published in August 2008.

Information in this year’s report is for FY2009 unless otherwise stated and financial information is provided in South African rands. Where dollar amounts are provided, this is for the sake of convenience and refers to US dollars ($).

For the purpose of sustainable development reporting, the company has provided statistics for those operations over which it has management control or significant influence. This includes wholly-owned operations, the Leeuwkop project (on which work has currently been suspended) and the Mimosa mine, in which the group has 50% interest. Where relevant, information relating to operations in which the company has a smaller interest but not management control (such as Two Rivers) is also provided.

There were no significant changes in the organisational structure during the year although, given the global financial crisis, reviews and rescheduling of the group’s capital expenditure programmes were undertaken. (See the Economic performance section of the report for further information.) There were, however, significant changes in the management structure during the year, with direct consequences for the management of sustainable development. This is dealt with in the section on How Implats manages sustainable development.

This report has been produced in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3 guidelines. An index indicating which GRI indicators have been reported on, and where information may be found, is available. GRI’s reporting principles for defining the report content, quality and boundary setting have been used as guidelines.

Implats subscribes, and is a signatory, to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and a report will be submitted to the UNGC in line with the company’s commitment to this body. An index in respect of the UNGC reporting in this report is provided.

Selected indicators have been independently assured by a third party assurance provider, KPMG. The scope of the assurance, the key performance indicators selected and the independent statement of assurance may be found. In accordance with the GRI guidelines, Implats has declared a B+ level of reporting, which has been confirmed by KPMG.

While the group has endeavoured to report comprehensively and meaningfully on a wide range of issues relating to sustainable development, the most significant risks and issues of strategic importance to the group have been identified and are discussed.

There have not been any significant restatements of data during the year. Where data has been restated, this has been indicated in the text.

The group has undertaken an extensive shareholder identification and engagement process in FY2009, and will ensure that this Sustainable Development Report is made available to identified stakeholders in the future. Feedback on issues that are material to these stakeholders will be sought. See section on Engaging with stakeholders.

In addition to this report, the company has also produced:

Printed copies of these reports may also be requested from the contact persons listed at the end of this report.

Responsible person:

The person responsible for the compilation of this report and to whom all queries should be addressed is:

Cindy Mogotsi
Sustainable Development Manager
Group Reporting
Tel: +27 11 731 9074

Implats Sustainable Development Report 2009