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annual financial statements

consolidated statement of changes in shareholders’ equity

Implats group – Year ended 30 June 2005

  Attributable to equity holders  
  of the Company  
  (All amounts in Rand millions  Share Other Retained Minority Total
   unless otherwise stated) Notes capital reserves earnings interest equity
Balance at 30 June 2003617.838.89,220.8418.910,296.3
Impact of adopting IFRS2 (Share-based Payments) 
on opening retained earnings1310.9 (10.9) 
Restated balance at 30 June 2003628.738.89,209.9418.910,296.3
Fair value losses, net of tax:
– Available-for-sale financial investments14(48.6)(48.6)
Currency translation differences, net of tax14 (265.8) (33.4)(299.2)
Net expense recognised directly in equity(314.4)(33.4)(347.8)
Profit for the year  2,941.317.42,958.7
Total recognised (expense)/income for 2004 (314.4)2,941.3(16.0)2,610.9
Employee share option scheme:
– Adjustment as a result of consolidating share trust13(18.7)(18.7)
– Proceeds from shares issued1326.226.2
– Fair value of employee service1321.721.7
– Issue of shares by subsidiary17.817.8
Dividend relating to 200334(1,165.4)(1,165.4)
Dividend relating to 200434(332.6)(332.6)
Disposal of Barplats Investments Limited(11.4)(11.4)
Business combinations:
   Purchase of additional share in Zimplats Holdings
   Limited (formerly Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd)38 (350.7) (281.2)(631.9)
Balance at 30 June 2004657.9(626.3)10,653.2128.110,812.9
Fair value gains, net of tax:
– Available-for-sale financial assets1476.676.6
Currency translation differences, net of tax:14 72.6 8.681.2
Net income recognised directly in equity149.28.6157.8
Profit for the year  5,237.616.35,253.9
Total recognised income for 2005 149.25,237.624.95,411.7
Employee share option scheme:
– Proceeds from shares issued1353.353.3
– Fair value of employee service1322.322.3
Purchase of treasury shares by subsidiary13(613.1)(613.1)
Dividend relating to 200434(1,062.6)(1,062.6)
Dividend relating to 200534(332.2)(332.2)
Transactions with minorities.
   Purchase of additional share in Zimplats Holdings
   Limited (formerly Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd)38 (29.0) 6.8(22.2)
Balance at 30 June 2005120.4 (506.1)14,496.0 159.8 14,270.1
The Notes are an integral part of these consolidated financial statements.
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited
Annual Report 2005