About Implats

Company profile

Implats is in the business of mining, refining and marketing of platinum group metals (PGMs), as well as nickel, copper and cobalt.

The group produces approximately 22% of the world's supply of primary platinum and in FY2014 produced 2.370 million ounces of PGMs, including 1.178 million ounces of platinum.

Implats’ mining interests are found on the two most significant known platinum group mineral-bearing orebodies in the world:

The Bushveld Complex in South Africa:

On the western limb - Impala and Leeuwkop

On the eastern limb - Marula and Two Rivers


Where we operate

The Great Dyke in Zimbabwe

The Great Dyke in Zimbabwe - Zimplats and  Mimosa.

Impala Refining Services (IRS) takes advantage of Impala’s excess smelting and refining capacity to process the concentrate and matte produced by the various mine-to-market group operations as well as material purchased from third party companies. Toll-refining is also undertaken on behalf of other companies.

Implats has a primary listing on the JSE (IMP). The share may also be traded via a sponsored level 1 ADR programme (IMPUY).


Refined platinum ounces indicated above have been rounded for illustrative purposes.