On Monday, 27 November 2023, 86 employees were involved in a winder accident at Impala Rustenburg’s 11 Shaft operation. Tragically, 13 of our colleagues lost their lives. This accident marks the darkest day in the history of Implats. Our hearts are heavy for the lives lost and the individuals affected by this devastating accident.

In memoriam+

We Care

The Implats We Care programme

The Group’s We Care programme has stepped in to provide continuous and ongoing support to the families of our deceased 11 Shaft colleagues.

The We Care Programme started in July 2009 to provide improved support to the families of employees lost in accidents. The programme provides professional therapy, seeks to ensure financial wellbeing and supports the education of the children of the deceased.

We Care provides fully paid school and tertiary fees for each child dependant, and fully provides for school uniforms, transport, school textbooks, stationary, extramural activities and any additional tutoring assistance. Our We Care department regularly liaises with the schools to ascertain what learner support is required.

We currently have six beneficiaries at institutions of higher learning, studying Sociology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Financial Management and Public Administration. Once tertiary education is complete, the dependant is supported through the process of entering the formal labour market and seeking employment.

The We Care department also provides ongoing home visits and psychological support to the families of the deceased, with each family receiving support and monetary assistance around year-end. Measures to sustain family incomes is prioritised and employment at the Group is offered to a family member or their nominated alternative.

To date, the We Care programme has been successful and engagement with the families of our deceased colleagues is regular and ongoing. The programme has a dedicated Impala team, which manages the programme daily, and makes use of the services Teba, Rand Mutual Assurance and Careways to facilitate delivery. In addition, many other individuals and institutions provide extra classes for students, when needed.